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Life Insurance If You Have Grave's Disease

Grave's Disease is an autoimmune disorder, meaning that there is a defect in the immune system, causing production of immunoglobulins (antibodies) which stimulate and attack the thyroid gland, causing growth of the gland and overproduction of thyroid hormone. Antibodies also attack tissues in the eye muscles and in the skin on the front of the lower legs (tibial areas).People with grave's disease may be denied coverage or charged higher premiums for life insurance.If you are planning on applying for a large amount of term, whole or universal life insurance:
  • Find out which life insurance companies are familiar with grave's disease and may offer the lowest premiums.
  • Consider decreasing your life insurance policies face amount so you are more likley to be accepted
  • Apply for life insurance when your IBD is in remission. Your insurability improves after longer periods of good health.
  • Have regular physicals and doctor checkups. People with regular medical supervision may be rated higher, especially if there are good remarks in the doctors notes.
  • Keep or get a job that offers group life insurance. An applicant's ability to maintain the same job is also an important factor in obtaining individual life insurance.
  • Avoid smoking of any other dependencies, that will just compound your uninsurability
  • Find out if your doctor is able to communicate with the underwriting department of the life insurance company. He might be able to eliminate an outright rejection.
Burial insurance may be a better option than regular term, whole or universal life because there are:
  • No medical exam or blood tests
  • No agent calls (possibly agent visits!) after initial contact
  • Usually issue ages 0-80 (depending on if term or whole life)
  • Minimum $5,000-$300,000 maximum burial insurance policy limits
  • Term burial insurance plans guaranteed renewable
  • Many burial insurance plans have disability waiver of premium rider for ages 20-65
  • Deal direct with the burial insurance carrier
  • Yes / no, one page burial insurance application
  • Guaranteed fixed burial insurance premium and usually no cash accumulation
  • Saliva test for burial insurance benefits over $100,000
For amounts over $100,000 the insurance carrier will want full underwriting and more information before issuing the burial insurance policy.

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