Get burial insurance, regardless of health

3 Basic Types of Burial Life Insurance

  • Term & whole life (for those in good health) and;
  • Burial or graded life insurance (for those in poor health).

Burial policies are different from guaranteed issue plans without medical exams.

No questions asked policies (no underwriting) are for people who:

  • Have serious health problems won't qualify you for burial insurance
  • Have a terminal illness
  • Don't want go through a blood and / or urine test
  • Don't meet the minimal health requirements of regular burial coverage
  • Can wait 2-5 years before full coverage to becomes in force

Burial coverage (some underwriting) is for people that:

  • Have a non life threatening illness
  • Haven't had heart problems
  • Are overweight / obese
  • want a larger amount of coverage than a no questions asked policy allows

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