Get burial insurance, regardless of health

Questions to ask before prepaying for a funeral:

  • What is the cost of the plan?
  • Is there a written price list.
  • Are there price guarantees, or can they increase?
  • Can the funeral arrangements be changed?
  • What happens if what you bought is not available at burial?
  • Can you can cancel if unsatisfied?
  • Can you get annual statements of your account?
  • Can you relocate cemeteries and plots?
  • Is the exact location of the plot in the contract?
  • What type of outer container is used?
  • Are the details of the headstone defined?
  • Is opening & closing the grave included?
  • Can you buy some of the burial products from outside vendors?
  • What happens if the mortuary or cemetery is sold?
  • How can the cemetery get out of the contract?
  • Is the headstone placement charge included?
  • Is the cemetery in good repair?

After getting answers to these questions, you may see there are many drawbacks to prepaying or pre need funeral packages. Our chosen alternative is burial insurance, otherwise known as final expense, they have disadvantages of their own.

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